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This is an interim version of this page (pending further reorganization) to get some new work up.
Lots of changes in my work and work process. I recently bought an Epson P600 printer Рbasically the best archival monochrome giclee printer available Рand from now on I am doing all my own printing.  As a former professional printer, I was simply not satisfied having anyone else print and wanted a process that gave me complete control over what ends up on the wall. This changes everything, including how I make and show older work Рso the older work is temporarily unavailable.


And then there are paintings.

Man in a Green Hat, 2018, oil on circular plywood, 31″ diameter



New Sciographs

Shadow Drawings

Untitled, 1.4.17

How this image was made



Untitled, 10-5-17

Untitled, 1.11.18


Red Chair, 2018, oil on circular plywood, 34″ in diameter


Untitled, 1-7-18

Untitled (2), 1-6-18

Untitled, 11-7-17


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Prints, Publishing and Contact


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