Huntingdon, Page 11

About The Huntingdon Photographs

121. Huntingdon, 14th and Susquehanna Ave.


122. Huntingdon, Willow Alley near 16th


123. Somewhere in Huntingdon


124. Huntingdon, Moore St. between 5th and 6th


125. Somewhere in Huntingdon


126. Huntingdon, Water Treatment Plant


127. Somewhere in Huntingdon


128. Huntingdon, Somewhere on Maple Alley – circa 1976


129. Susquehanna Ave. between 10th and 11th (Endres)


130. Somewhere in Huntingdon


131. Huntingdon, fence around the old reservoir, Flagpole Hill


132. Huntingdon, road to Peace Chapel (old School Farm)

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