Buda, TX, 7.8.15

Minneapolis, 2.21.17

Minneapolis, 12.27.17

Austin Studios, Austin, TX

Buda, TX

Austin, TX, 8.28.15

Minnesota, 11.6.16

Buda, TX, 12.5.15

Minneapolis, 2.17.17

Minneapolis, 11.11.17

Austin, TX,  1.23.16

Lake Bde Maka Ska, Minneapolis, 11.26.16

A printable, high dpi version of this image is available here


Minneapolis, 1.6.18


Minneapolis, 10.28.16

Minneapolis Arboretum, 5.26.17

Minneapolis, 1.7.17

Minneapolis, 11.20.16

Minneapolis, 12.8.16

Minneapolis, 12.30.17

Minneapolis, 9.8.17

Minneapolis, 11.1.16

Buda, TX, 5.17.15

Austin, TX, 5.3.16

Minneapolis, 7.4.17
Como Park, Minneapolis, 8.12.17

Buda, TX, 8.5.15

Minneapolis, 8.7.17

Kyle, TX 8.23.15

Frankfurt, 1.18.16

Texas, 6.9.15

Texas, 5.26.15

Minneapolis, 2.13.17

Minneapolis, 11.3.16

Kansas, 5.18.16

Wisconsin, 10.2.16

Minneapolis, 11.23.16

Meckesheim, 1.14.16
Minneapolis, 6.27.16

All the photographs on this page were made with an iPhone 5, the 21st C. SX-70.


Sciographs (drawing with shadows)

More Photographs


All prints are 6″x 6″ on 8.5″ x 11″ Hahnemuhle Fine Art Inkjet paper. I do all printing myself on an Epson P600, one of the best inkjets available for archival fine art work. The images on these pages are conformed to the ICC print profile used to print so they are very close to the look of the prints themselves  (depending on the quality and configuration of the monitor used to view them).

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