Minneapolis Institute of Art

I am lucky to live in Minneapolis for many reasons, one of which is the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Even if your benchmarks are the great museums of New York, Chicago, D.C. or Europe, MIA is a very good museum. Some areas are a little thin, 17th and 18th C European Painting, for instance, but then you get to the Rembrandt and all is forgiven.



I’ve seen the Lucretia in the National Gallery many times. It’s a good painting but this one is much, much better. I had only seen this in reproduction and had no idea we lived in the same city. I feel sorry for all the other paintings in the same room with her – you don’t even notice them.


Most of the permanent collection is excellent and full of surprises. I was constantly saying to myself ‘so this is where it is!’ Did I mention that MIA is free? And you often have the galleries to yourself. It’s like visiting the Metropolitan, on Tues. mornings – 30 years ago.


My favorite discovery – so far – is this:



I walked into this gallery and almost fell over. It’s the best Beckmann I’ve ever seen, including Departure at the Museum of Modern Art. There aren’t many painters who use black as a color – Beckmann, Picasso, Motherwell. I’m sure I’m forgetting some others but there aren’t many.



If you happen to be near NYC there is a great show of Beckmann at the Met until Feb. 20. Give him my regards.

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