About This Site

Very few artists have ever been able to see their work as a whole. I have been working for 40 some years and have work all over the world. Many of my pictures have been out of my possession for decades, a few have been destroyed or lost, some were never photographed. All in all, very few people have seen a fraction of what I’ve made. I myself have never been able to easily browse all that work to remember what I’ve done or see how current work connects to it.

I decided to fix all that. I knew it would take some time – it meant dragging through old hard drives, scanning 35mm slides, scanning and photographing a lot of pictures that hadn’t been documented and reprocessing many of the photographs I did have. It took much more time than I expected. It will never be ‘complete’ or even close, there are huge chunks missing, but that’s fine.

I would like collectors who own my work to be able to see their piece in a larger context and for people who don’t know my work to be introduced to it in that larger context. But I am learning from this as well. Constructing these pages has completely changed the way I see my own work and how I will work going forward.

This site is arranged thematically. My work doesn’t make much sense seen chronologically. I create ‘bodies of work’ more like a photographer than a painter. Photographers often create bodies of work by slow accretion over years, even decades, as opposed to painters who – generally speaking – tend to focus on one subject/treatment/media at a time. 

For example, I have been making photographs in the alleys of my hometown in Pennsylvania for 4 decades. I haven’t always lived there and don’t live there now, but when I am there I try to find time to wander with a camera. I see no difference between a picture made now and one made 30 years ago – it’s the same body of work. I do the same in painting, frequently returning to themes and techniques over long periods of time. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.