Pricing, Purchasing & Payment

Sleeper, tempera, acrylic and oil on cardboard, 28″ X 63″, 2020

Prices for my work range from $165 (for signed archival photographic prints) to $3500 for the larger paintings (like this one). If you are interested in buying – thank you! I am humbled and grateful.

Please note:

  • Prices are firm.
  • I don’t take checks. Paypal and/or Zelle work just fine. If you are local (MSP), cash is great but note that it will be reported to the IRS.
  • I retain all copyright and reproduction rights. Ownership of the physical painting or print does not grant ownership of copyright or reproduction rights – that’s a separate negotiation.
  • Nothing leaves my studio until payment is complete and shipping (if necessary) is arranged for and paid.
  • Shipping (when necessary) is paid in advance by the buyer. I work on a variety of supports – paper, canvas, rigid insulation foam, wood, cardboard, window screens, etc. Obviously, some weigh more than others, affecting shipping costs.
  • Local delivery/pickup in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul is free.
  • Someday you’ll be welcome to visit my studio by appt.

I am happy to work with collectors on payment plans. Please read carefully:

  • 20% down will hold a piece for 30 days – not refundable.
  • With 20% down I will accept payment plans for one year or less.
    • For example, if you would like to buy a painting priced at $1200, I would require a deposit of 20%, or $240.
      • The remaining balance would be $960.
      • A monthly payment on that balance for one year would be $80/month.
      • After 12 payments the painting would belong to you.
    • Alternatively, if you prefer a monthly payment of $150 (for example) the painting would belong to you in 7 (6.4) months. You get the idea.
  • Failure to make a payment – at any point until full payment is complete – is a default and voids the payment plan. In a default, ownership of the painting reverts to me and I will not be able to refund you.
  • Should I be run over by an ice cream truck or killed by Coronavirus, the agreement still holds. Upon initiation of a payment plan, you will receive a full, detailed invoice specifying the agreement, plus receipts for each payment. Failure on my part to keep the agreement will constitute a refundable default in your favor.

If you represent a gallery, consultancy or other art representation or resale related business, please contact me to discuss other arrangements.

Contact me directly for a current list of prices and availability: nathan.wagoner(at)