1. Huntingdon, Elm Alley near 13th St

2. Huntingdon, In Cherry Alley, between Moore and Oneida

3. Somewhere in Huntingdon.

4. Huntingdon, Willow Alley (uptown)

5. Huntingdon, Warm Springs Avenue and 11th St.

6. Huntingdon, Elm Alley between Moore and Warm Springs

7. Huntingdon, Maple Alley between 15th and 16th

8. Huntingdon, Susquehanna Avenue between 13th and 14th

9. Huntingdon, 6th and Allegheny

10. Huntingdon, Brown’s Funeral Home

11. Huntingdon, Alley between Oneida and Scott

12. Huntingdon, Blair Building Chimney

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